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pack“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Wendy Blanch and her methods. My family and I wanted a trainer to work with Cody one-on-one in our home since that is where we felt good behavior was most important. Wendy started helping us train our Labrador puppy, Cody, at about 12 weeks of age. Her methods were gentle and effective and after only 4 lessons with Wendy, we had an obedient, well-behaved puppy that not only respected the rules of the house, but also respected us as his pack leaders. With Wendy’s emphasis on becoming the pack leaders so that your dog always respects you and wants to please you, we have been able to successfully continue more advanced obedience with Cody. When people meet Cody, we are constantly asked how he became such a well-behaved, obedient dog and we always give credit to Wendy. As a veterinarian, I continue to recommend her to all of my clients looking for gentle effective training for their puppies or adult dogs with behavioral issues.” Dr. Diana Stiles, Chino Hills Small Animal Hospital – Diana S., Chino Hills, California – February 24 2014

Posted to Yelp, 10/12/2018

The best thing we did for our new puppy was pick Wendy from Leader of the Pack Home Dog Training. As soon as Wendy walked through our door you could tell she had the full respect and attention of our dog. She not only teaches the basic commands, but the psychology and behavior behind having a dog that is well adjusted and respects you as the leader of the pack. She does all this without the use of treats, shock collars, or other gimmicks. We now have a well behaved dog that is fun to have around and who we feel comfortable taking wherever we go.  We highly recommend Wendy Blanch of Leader of the Pack Home Dog Training.

Patrick Sharp, Temecula

Posted to Yelp, 10/25/2017 (Yelp Removed) because she had only written one review.

We rescued a 6 year old large breed dog, and found he has some behavior issues.  Wendy helped us to see that his aggressive behaviors probably stem from fear.  She gave us some great training techniques and leadership advice.  He learned proper front door behavior immediately, her method is very effective.  Some of his other behaviors are going to take more time and consistent training to correct, but he is definitely improving.  We are glad that we chose to work with Wendy.

 – Linda Cram, Corona, CA

Posted to Yelp, 9/22/2017

I own a boxer who is smart, rambunctious and loving. The only problem is that he doesn’t like some people to the point that when they would come visit; he would get out of control, barking and growling. It became such a problem, we couldn’t take him out for a walk with out worrying about how he was going to act. We love Sarge, and decided to figure out how to help him. I started to do research about training and what we were doing wrong. After a few weeks I made appointments with a few people. One of those “trainers” wanted us to give him Sarge for 6 weeks and he would train him. After 6 weeks, we would have a perfect dog and it would only cost us $5,000, sorry he said $4,999 to be exact. Much to my surprise, I found Wendy. An Appointment was made she came over to our house, told us we were going to be training with Sarge to make us better pack leaders and in turn help our dog out. He has made a lot of progress. He knows where to sit when people knock on the door, the growling and excessive barking has stop. An important lesson that we learned as dog owners is that it is continuous work. Wendy was very instrumental in making sure Sarge is a happy dog.

-Erika Flores, Sun City, CA

Posted to Yelp, 9/18/2017

It is an amazing feeling to get your life back and be in charge of your dogs; not the other way around. We called Wendy as a last resort, thinking our only alternative was to get rid of one of our dogs.

Our story: We have 3 rescue dogs, a male and 2 females, that were adopted at different times. They get along for the most part, but on occasion the 2 girls get into really bad fights, ending with us in urgent care and vet bills in the $500 range each time. Once we had our first child, we knew we couldn’t have them fighting any longer, but once it happened, we knew we had a tough choice to make. We couldn’t fathom getting rid of one until we did everything we possibly could to try to help the situation, so we decided to invest in professional help.

Training: The first thing we noticed about Wendy when entering the house was how she commanded control. She spent time teaching us dog psychology, diet and training techniques for our different needs. We diligently worked with our dogs and saw improvement very quickly. My wife and I became the “leaders of the pack” and our two girls realized they did not have the option to fight over dominance because we were in charge. Additionally, we heeded Wendy’s advice about changing the dogs’ diet to a healthier option, as well as getting one of our dogs joint vitamins because her arthritis was so bad she could barely put weight on her back legs which made walking virtually impossible. Within a few weeks we noticed a big difference in our dogs’ bodies. Fat pockets were disappearing, they were looking leaner, and just acting happier. Our dog with arthritis has pep in her step again, walking around our neighborhood no problem! We’re amazed at the improvement in their quality of life (and ours!).

It is a wonderful feeling being able to take the three dogs on a walk together with our infant in her stroller and enjoy the moment. We even get compliments from our neighbors at how well-behaved and trained our dogs are!

Our favorite part of Wendy’s technique is the patience and time she spends with you. She never rushed us to be done with the visit and really wanted to make sure we had exhausted all questions and felt completely satisfied with her training. She even scheduled us a bonus training visit to follow up with our progress with the 3 dogs.

Thank you, Wendy! We love having our house back and our 4 legged babies getting along so well!

-Anthony Rios, Corona, CA

Posted to Yelp, April 2, 2017

I just met with Wendy today for our first training session. I have a dog with serious issues. Wendy addressed those problems with behavioral strategies that showed me a different dog within two hours. I have hope again.

-Mary Cabral, Norco, CA

Posted to Yelp, November 30, 2016

I am so happy the I decided to go with Wendy’s Leader of the Pack Home Training course.  I have a 14 month old pit bull, Khaleesi, and started having problems with her on walks such as lunging at people and dogs, also problems with door rushing, no recall at all and nipping.  It’s only been one week since our first training session and Khaleesi is already doing better.  She walks at heal position and now we can walk past distractions such as barking dogs without chaos.  We still have a long journey to getting certified as Canine Good Citizen but now I’m starting to trust that I can be the pack leader that my dog needs and wants.  Wendy is very thorough, she takes her time to make sure that we understood what being the pack leader means and does for dogs.  For the first time ever I feel like I don’t need any clickers, treats or prong collars to make my dog understand what I want her to do. Me and my family are enjoying seeing the positive progress and are looking forward to our next session with Wendy.

-Millie Panama, Temecula, CA

Posted to Yelp, November 15, 2016

I am very proud of my decision to use leader of the pack for dog training. I have a two-year-old German Shepherd, my main issues with shire were jumping, polling, barking, and excitement. Wendy explained why my dog acts the way she does, and she Wendy totally right! It’s because I was not being a leader, I was letting my dog control me… my dog is honestly my best friend, Wendy didn’t change that but she showered me how important it is to lead! Shire changed right away, she is a very stubborn dog but she is extremely smart! Once I started doing what Wendy taught me I could tell right away that Shire understood! It’s only been 3 days since Wendy’s visit, and all of the things I was worried about have improved drastically! It’s all about you as the owner, if you do as she says I believe any dog will change. Wendy is great at what she does, she had a very positive attitude and even though my dog wasn’t easy she was very patient!  I have already recommended Wendy to all my friends, and I recommend you to use her as well:) – Cambria DuGally, Riverside, CA

Posted to Yelp, October 29, 2016

Wendy came into our house saying, “Now, there’s no magic way to train your dog…” but let me tell you something… she is magic.

Our dog is a year old, and though she’s the sweetest to us, she’s uncontrollably aggressive towards strangers and visitors (basically its her against the world). We’ve tried giving her training at different places and she’s barked and growled and snapped and confidently failed her way through every single class. I can’t even take her on walks because she strains against the leash so much, and tries chasing down everything that moves. Scheduling with Wendy was a seriously desperate cry for help – please! help us!

Wendy showed up with tools and skills to train our dog. At the beginning of the lesson, our dog wouldn’t stop barking and snapping, but oh my gosh… by the end, she was obediently walking next to me (“heel!”) and when I stopped, she would sit. She wasn’t even barking!! TEARS. Incredible. My mom was so sure that nothing would work but by the end of the class, she was hugging Wendy and asking her when we could have more lessons for our dog HAHA.

THANK YOU WENDY for giving us hope!! and helping us understand our dog and how to train her properly. You’re the best 🙂

– JiHye Y., Corona, CA

Posted to Yelp, October 5, 2016

Wendy saved our dog. Jett was undisciplined until our training with Wendy. Before the training, we lived in fear that Jett would “jet” out the front door. After our first session, he learned the “come” command. Shortly after this, Jett got out as I was taking out the trash. He began to jog off and a motorcycle was barreling down our street. I thought, Oh no!” I used the come command with the stance and tone she taught me and he came right to me. Additionally, our Daisy dog now no longer lunges and barks at other dogs on walks. Wendy helped us regain our sanity in several other dog-related areas as well. I highly recommend her. – Suzanne P., Riverside, CA.

Posted to Thumbtack, August 16, 2016

Wendy’s expertise and knowledge was invaluable to us! We had babied our dog out of love for him but we were not being leaders – he was running the house. When our sweet dog began becoming aggressive, we became alarmed and knew we needed someone who was an expert in behavioral strategies. She helped us realize that we could still show our dog the love and affection while being the leader he needed. Wendy was patient and available for questions as we learned to trust the process and put in the consistency needed when she left. The results were amazing! The aggression is gone and he is more obedient than we ever thought he could be. We are planning to hire Wendy again for socialization out in the community because we know the amazing results she is able to help us achieve. We highly recommend her! If you are willing to put in the work when she leaves, you will see amazing results after the first lesson!  Cherie Somers, Rancho Cucamonga

Posted to Yelp, July 23, 2016

Thank you Wendy for teaching me to be the leader for my Rocky. I am amazed at how quickly he has learned to be obedient. Your techniques really do work and I would highly recommend anyone whose dog needs training give you a call. In just a couple lessons he is a different dog.  Michelle Baker, Corona

Posted to Yelp, July 18, 2016jessica-perez-sandy
I rescued my dog from SBC and after a while was having major behavioral problems, such as redirect aggression, sibling rivalry, and basic obedience.  She had gotten into fights and I was so worried I would have to give her up.  I decided to go with Wendy after doing extensive research and numerous interviews with multiple companies.  I like her apprach and extensive knowledge of dog behavior.  Shes not just a trainer.  She is a behaviorist.  Her style is direct, logical, and dog centered.  She does not use any painful negative consequences, which I like.  And that puts her a head above the rest. WithShe taught me how to communicate withmmy dog and become the alpha in a positive way.   With her 1:1 training, my dog just passed the Canine Good Citizen test!! And I have high hopes of fostering again soon.  I’d recommend her services 100%. Worth every penny.  Jessica Perez, Riverside

Posted to Yelp, June 11, 2016

Testimonial: I called Wendy after finding her on the accredited website referenced on Cesar Millan’s website because our younger male pit bull started attacking our older female pit. We were able to schedule quickly and had our first 3 hour training today. She sure knows her stuff! I admit I was totally ignorant to the proper way to treat our dogs. They always got along and were “part of the family” until the birth of our son. We didn’t balance the attention all that well while learning our new role as parents. Wendy showed us basic techniques to train and Lead our pack  I have been using them since she left and I already see a difference in them and they haven’t fought! I’m anxious for our follow up visit and am optimistic she will notice the change in them as well!  Sarina M., Mira Loma

Posted to Thumbtack, June 8, 2016

One session and I have a new dog!!!! Not sure who enjoyed it more, myself or my dog, but it was a fun experience for both of us and the change is unbelievable. Can’t wait for the next lesson.  Patricia Hubbard, Murrieta

Posted to Yelp, November 7, 2015

It really works!! We adopted our little Chihuahua mix a month ago from the corona shelter and while she was wonderful inside of our apartment, she was fearful outside, barking and lunging at other dogs as well as people. We saw an improvement day one and in the last 2 weeks we have seen a completely different dog, much more confident and calm. We have learned so much about how we need to behave and direct her as the pack leaders. We had a great time this morning during our follow up meeting, our doggie met Wendy’s three dogs and we had a chance to do some agility which she loved! Having Wendy train us was worth every cent!

– Nancy Stark, Corona, CA

Posted to my Testimonials Page, September 20, 2015:

We recently lost our 14 year old lab to suspected cancer. Although we also have a pug and 2 Chihuahuas, losing Abby left such a huge void in our lives, we replaced her with a 3 month old black lab puppy. My husband researched and found Wendy and scheduled an appointment. Our pug and chis were all three barkers. After our first session with Wendy yesterday morning,our new puppy was walking on a leash, sitting on command and waiting at the front door until we released her to go through. The other three dogs got to the point that they did not even bark when the doorbell rang.Even after Wendy left, we had several people in and out of the house and still had no problems.

We could not be happier with Wendy. She is knowledgeable, loving to our fur babies, effective, and a great teacher.Can’t wait till our next session.  Karen Becker, Riverside

Posted to Google, September, 2015

I called Wendy because I have three dogs. Two older dogs and a new puppy. The older two had a problem with barking whenever the doorbell rang or someone knocked at the front door. I could not let people into my home right away without getting my dogs out of the way first, because they would bark at my guests as they were coming in and my dogs would also jump on them. It was embarrassing to say the least. Wendy came about two week’s ago and we had a 4 hour session. She showed me the tools I needed to correct my dogs. After the first session my dogs no longer are barking at the door, I can leave my front door wide open while I greet my guests and my dogs are nowhere in sight. No more feeling embarrassed or avoiding having people over because of my dog’s behavioral issues. I can also now walk them without lunging out at other dogs while we walk through our neighborhood. I feel so relieved in knowing that my dogs are better behaved now. I am still working with them and doing my homework, it’s a work in progress, but I can honestly say that Wendy did a great job showing me exactly what I needed to do with my dogs. I am a stress free doggie parent now. I look forward to working with Wendy on getting my 3 month old Dachshund Puppy trained as well. Thanks Wendy!

– Michelle Acosta, Riverside, CA

Posted to Google & Yelp, July 12, 2015

We have an 8 yr. old Bichon-Poo who recently lost her best friend, our 14 yr old golden retriever. Before that, she was just spoiled. Since then she had become insecure, anxious, developed separation anxiety, and barked excessively when anyone came to the door. She knew basic commands but was inconsistent and would constantly pull forward on the leash. We used to take our dogs everywhere but could no longer trust Bon Bon to behave. We called Wendy and literally after the first session, she was a new dog! She learned to heel perfectly, as well as sit/down stay reliably. Miraculously she also learned to stop barking and instead, sit in a designated place away from the door when someone rang the bell until she was released to greet the guest. That was a couple of months ago; we are now getting close to being ready for her to take her Canine Good Citizen test and after that, begin preparing for her to become a therapy dog. This weekend we are taking her with us to a hotel with confidence that she will be well behaved.  We are so grateful to Wendy and highly recommend her!

– Donna Yorke, Corona, CA

Posted to Yelp, May 15, 2015

Wendy is absolutely awesome. We just finished our second training and my dog Otis has done a complete 180. A bicyclist and skater came rolling by and my dog didn’t even give a second glance. Before he would go absolutely mental on the leash. Amazing. My other dog Ruxin was also very bad at coming when called and listening in general. He’s  much better now and although he still needs some work he has improved quite a bit. Such a huge difference for both my dogs. Can’t wait to show my friends and family what loving dogs I have. Thanks again Wendy!!! Can’t wait to get them used to other dogs next.

– Peter Davi, Upland, CA

Posted to Yelp, April 9, 2015

I used Wendy to help me with my two Therapy Dogs whom all of a sudden started to fight each other.  I didn’t know what to do, so I contacted my vet, who told me about the wonderful work Wendy has done for their other clients who’s dogs had sibling rivalry issues too.  Wendy showed up and was very friendly, calm, helpful, and very patient with me, as watching my dog’s fight was terrifying.  I was so afraid they would fight again.  Within two visits the two were friends again because of Wendy’s help, patience and support!!  Oh and her shoulder to lean on. Thank you Wendy!!  I still have the fear, but Wendy is always there to help me get through it, whether on the phone or in person.  She is always available to me.

-Daryln Piper, Corona, CA

Posted to Yelp, January 2, 2015

We’ve experienced Wendy’s training a few times with our 4-5month old puppy! She’s extremely knowledgeable and very friendly. She teaches you the technique, then you do it right there!! She’s very professional and leaves you documents after each training so you know what was accomplished and what the homework is. We’ve still got a ways to go with our pup but already seeing him becoming smarter and more obedient 🙂

-Christopher Rausch, Riverside, CA

Posted to Thumbtack, December 14, 2014

Wendy from Leader of the Pack did an awesome job with my very fearful 5month old puppy today. She gave us detailed instructions on how to work with our pup on her separation anxiety. We could see the difference in our dog right away. She taught us how to be leaders so our dog feels safe, secure, and happy.

We interviewed a few different other trainers but decided on Wendy due to her gentle yet assertive approach. She’s also very knowledgeable on all things dogs!

– Cheryl Barro, Corona, CA

Posted to Thumbtack, December 14, 2014:
“Wendy is absolutely great!We had hired Wendy for our then 12 weeks old Lab Mix “Basil”. Basil enjoyed “performing” his puppy bites on us frequently, and with his razor sharp puppy teeth, our underarms were very bloody quite often. We researched a lot on how to make him stop, but he wouldn’t listen to “No” in this case, he wouldn’t react to us letting out a “puppy weep”, nor was he impressed, if he got a timeout. It was, and still is extremely important to us to train our fur kid in a gentle, non-violent way.

After some research we came across Wendy. We liked the fact that she had a life time experience as a dog trainer, would enable us to train our dog in a gentle way, and also that she would come to our house for the training sessions.
This is important to understand: Wendy enables the dog owners to train their dogs properly, which – in our opinion – is the way it should be. In the very first session, she showed us how to make Basil stop, when he would get in his “puppy bite mood”. I must say, my wife and I were more than impressed on how great Wendy’s approach did work. It basically comes down to “gentle, but firm” correction of “misbehavior” and constant and active rewarding of good behavior by using voice and physical affection. (That is also a great thing we liked about Wendy – she doesn’t reward a dog with treats, but with voice and affection).
Thanks to Wendy, Basil’s puppy bites were under control after the first session and in the following sessions, we learned so much more on how to properly train our dog and make him listen to our commands, which at one point in time might save his life (for instance him chasing a rabbit and running towards a street…).
My wife and I are highly recommending Wendy! She is an outstanding and fantastic dog trainer with a wonderful personality. Both, dog and dog owner will benefit from her experience.” Harry & Kim V., Corona, CA

Posted to Yelp, April 23, 2014

I have two pit bulls currently enrolled in CGC (Canine Good Citizen) training. I have had the hardest time teaching my boy, Elvis,  the “down” command. Within minutes she had him doing it AND had him doing all sorts of agility exercises! Not only is she great with the dogs but she’s a big animal rescue advocate. I recommend Wendy for any issues you may be having with your dog!!

– John Flores, Chino Hills, CA

Posted to Inland Empire Hot List by Dr. Bart Huber, Animal Medical Center of Corona.

“Wendy spends time with her clients and their pets. She understands training is just as much about the owner as it is the pet!” DrBart ⋅ September 24, 2014

Posted to Facebook, September 30, 2014:

Jasper and me.jpg“Our little Jasper is a wonderful doggie. But like a lot of doggies, he had a few discipline problems that we were just unable to work him through.

Pack Leader Wendy Blanch to the rescue! She came to our home, worked with us on working with him, and now our doggie is heading in the right direction! No more attacking guests when they ring the door bell, no more dragging me down the street on our walks, no more leaping on me when it’s food time or snatching food out of Mike’s hand as he’s about to put it in his mouth. He also waits patiently for his ball (below picture).

He’s much better behaved with our cats (Jasper, not Mike). Wendy gave us so many little hints that helped us help Jasper. You could tell she honestly loves dogs and Jasper was quite eager to work with her. Wendy didn’t judge us for our lack of discipline, just showed us better ways to make Jasper work with us.

How did I hear about Wendy? Well Priceless Pets of course! Wendy works with rehabilitating many of their dogs to get them ready for adoption.

If your doggie needs a helping hand in becoming a better family member, contact Pack Leader Wendy Blanch. Big or little problems, she can help you fix them! Now if only she could train my husband, Mike.” Kari Farr Braun, Chino Hills, CA

“Wendy is amazing. My 115 lb. lab (Indy) had taken over as the alpha when my son went into the Air Force. He is so big, I couldn’t handle him, was often afraid of him (he growled at me and my daughter often) I needed help. The first lesson made a huge impact. He stopped charging the door when the doorbell rang, stopped licking the plates while I was loading the dishwasher, he was an unruly stubborn teenager. He now walks right next to me, comes when called, is controlled by my voice, not treats or clickers. He adores me and looks to me as his pack leader. Wendy is the best choice I have made in 2013 by far. She’s a friend for life to me and Indy and my little Jack Russell Billie Jean. Thanks Wendy”Vicky Birkmann, Corona, California – September 29 2013

Haygood Huskies.jpg“4½ years ago I fell in love at first sight with my husky Mojo! Then I brought him home…he was a mess, nipping at and jumping all over me and my family, bucking like a bronco and dragging me along on our walks! I was in tears every day for the first 3 weeks until I got a referral from my vets office. After only 1 training session, the improvement in his behavior was amazing! I kept working with him and had several additional training sessions to correct some of his more stubborn issues (huskies LOVE to pull!) Within 3 months I was so thrilled with what Wendy and I had accomplished with him that I went and found him a little husky sister! I used the methods Wendy taught me with her from day one. Now, I have 2 well trained huskies that bring me joy every day! I can walk my dynamic duo together with confidence, and their behavior at home is exemplary! Wendy was great, giving me the tools and techniques to be able to enjoy my pups!”Melissa Haygood, Chino Hills – April 13 2013

Knapp Dogs.jpg“We were soooo lucky to have found Wendy Blanch as our Dog Trainer. Our three Labrador’s Bullet, Bella, and Bailey have done a 360 in less than a month. When Wendy first came to our house she could not even start the orientation of the program because all three of our dogs were barking and jumping on the back door. Within seconds of Wendy’s noises and techniques they were quiet immediately and if they began again the techniques worked perfectly. All three are very hyper, but we knew with the right training they could be better under control. Even now our neighbors and our pool guy asked us how we got them to stop barking and we said Wendy Blanch. We now can get them to walk nicely and not worry about having to take one dog at a time outside. The other issue we had was with our Brown Lab Bailey. She loves the water but everytime we would go in our pool she’d jump on us and we couldn’t enjoy it. Now she waits to be invited in and she understands not to jump on us. She can swim now with us and it is great to have fun with them in the pool. Lastly, we have begun taking them to the dog park with Wendy and her cute dogs. They had a blast and we are looking forward to finding other dog parks to take them to and have our main goal to be able to take them off leash to the dog beach in Huntington. Thanks Wendy for everything. Our puppies appreciate it as well. We look forward to continuing working with you as do Bullet, Bella, and Bailey.” Blair & Lori Knapp, Whittier – July 14 2011

“I was amazed! My dog (Penelope,) a 13-year-old Jack Russell, responded very well and I am being educated on how to be the pack leader of my home. A position I had allowed my naughty dog to assume over time. Wendy demonstrated excellent communication methods and the training material she left for me to review was an invaluable resource which solidified the reversal of pack leader from my dog to me! The “how to” methods, combined with in home training and techniques, are both effective and rewarding to both my dog and myself. We are two happy campers having fun that I didn’t believe possible! Thank You Wendy!”

Gary Scarborough, Chino – October 24 2010

Gallaran dog.jpg“We have had two lessons with Wendy so far. Our golden~doodle was better after the first 20 minutes Wendy worked with us. He’s walking on a leash without pulling. He doesn’t go crazy at the door with we have company anymore. This sounds silly but today he dropped a dryer sheet after only being asked to do so. Dryer sheets are his favorite thing to steal and run with. We haven’t even worked with him on that, he’s just a better behaved dog now. Having Wendy come work with us was the best decision we have made since we adopted our sweet, silly, hyper, goofy~doodle!

Thank you Wendy!”

Shawn Gallaran
Yucaipa, California

Gideon the Wonder Dog

I’ve read the other testimonials about Wendy Blanch and she really is as amazing as the testimonials indicate—If we hadn’t had Wendy’s expertise I would have been sceptical of all the glowing praise BUT she turned our white, 88 lb, German Shepherd around. After ony 2 weeks and 2 visits with Wendy we now have a great dog who walks at the “heel” position and without lunging at other dogs. We signed up for the one year with her and that decision was partly based on the feeling that it would take any trainer at least a year to correct some of our Shepherd’s bad habits. He really is a sweet dog, but after having him for 3 years I was becoming frustrated with his charging other dogs while on a leash. I know we have to keep practicing what Wendy has taught us, but now we have definite guide lines of things to do that really work!!!

– Bob & Marilyn Collier, Yorba Linda, CA

“Wendy assists on a volunteer basis at the rescue I volunteer for in Chino Hills with training issues and helps guide our volunteers on the best way to approach, walk and train dogs of all sizes, temperament and breed. She has been a great help to the dogs we are trying to find homes for.”

Kathleen Masnec

Chino Hills, CA

Our family is so happy to have found Wendy. After one three hour lesson we learned so much about what we were doing wrong with our training. Our pitbull no longer pulls us when going on walks, she doesn’t react to the barking dogs on the fence lines, she knows sit and stay, and the doorbell can ring with out her rushing the door! We now have control over our dog and could not be happier with the results. She is always available to answer questions and as long as we listen to her advice we see the results. I would highly recommend her services and look forward to our next session!”

Michelle Rangel
Corona, CA

“I spent three hours with Wendy and my dogs and magic happened. Even though I was concentrating on two dogs, she worked on all of them. She is a magician (back to the magic theme — but that is what happened). She got them ALL to behave. It was worth all the time and money. Do it, you won’t be sorry!! I thought it was such an extravagance, but we are now a “happy pack.”

Margaret Cline
Wildomar, California

“Dear Wendy, I am overwhelmingly impressed with your program and your methods, especially. My Maltese Poodle, Phoebe, was uncontrollable in many areas and has shown immediate improvement. She is more aware and understands the commands without hesitation. She loves and enjoys Trainer Wendy Blanch and I feel indebted to her for her time and patience with Phoebe and me. The training is well worth the investment and I thank you very, very much.”

Sincerely and with love, Phoebe and Edythe Stahnke

July 22, 2014″I cant thank Wendy enough. I have had dogs all my life, of which they all have gone through training. I have had show dog trainers, entertainment dog trainers, even a disney trainer. Wendy hands down has been the best. I am so glad I found her! I have a lab puppy that at 3 months has learned more than most of my dogs after 12 weeks. I also have a mini schnauzer that has bit me three times, twice I had to go to the hospital for stitches. Wendy has successfully worked through “our” issues. Wendy thanks for the knowledge and training for not only my two dogs…but also me!!!”

Malinda Buzard, Chino, CA

Deebo Kuo.jpg

“Hi Wendy! This is Deebo- do you remember me? You came to help me learn to control my temper. I did not like other dogs and used to be very mean to them. My mom said if I couldn’t change she was going to find me a new home. With your help my mom understands me better and I am not scared or angry anymore. This is me with a stray my mom found and because we get along so well it looks like I will be getting a new sister. Thank you for helping my family take care of me! Love Deebo (The Dog)”

Korina Kuo

Chino, California

“Before we worked with Wendy our two Maltese Poodles (they are 5 and 6 years old) literally controlled the household. The barking was so excessive that it impacted the quality of our lives. After trying conventional dog obedience training and every non-invasive barking collar on the market, we were still at our wits end. Then I heard about Wendy and decided to give it a try. And we are beyond happy with the results!! After working with Wendy for only a few minutes, we could tell that she is a highly skilled trainer and is very passionate about her work. She put us at ease during the training – and our dogs loved her too! During the initial session we learned why are dogs were misbehaving and what we needed to do to correct it. Then we put the training into action. The results were outstanding! Within one lesson the barking had been reduced drastically. And the best thing about it – the tools and techniques that are provided are easy to use. Even our little boy has been able to take part in the training! The techniques Wendy showed us and that we have consistently put into practice have changed our relationship with our dogs for the better. We are so happy to have met Wendy and highly recommend her to anyone!”

Shawna Stevenson

Eastvale, California

Anthony Garcia.jpgAggressive pit bull? — Have you ever been locked in a room with a pit bull that is growling at you? I watch the news and I trembled with fear for hours after I got away from her. My pit bull spun so out of control she was attacking my other dogs and turning on me. I didn’t know what else to do except be what I thought was a responsible pet owner and put her down. I called my vet. and scheduled her to be euthanized. — But I love her so much that I couldn’t go through with it. I also couldn’t live in fear. I honestly didn’t know what to do. If I talked to 30 people, 30 people told me to put her down. My vet recommended Wendy and she became our last hope. She turned out to be a Godsend. — If I had not seen it for myself, I would have never believed it. Wendy helped us turn her around. As I mentioned, I also have 3 shepherds and had police academy training with them. With all my years of experience with dogs, I truly believed there would be no way to rehabilitate our Pit bull. I thought it was her personality and genetic make up. Wendy helped me realize that it was ME, “the owner,” and not her. We saw positive results after 2 weeks and worked with her for a total of 5 weeks. Now she is a playful, goofy, happy, loving dog. I have to admit she’s actually better than before I lost control. — I highly recommend Wendy. We feel like she is part of the family and will always be there for us. Now I believe that any dog can be rehabilitated. There is no need to put down aggressive dogs, they are just confused and that leads to frustration and then anger and aggressiveness. We love our Pit bull and she brings much joy to our lives. Feel free to contact me if you need to; mornings are better.”
– Anthony Garcia, Chino Hills, CA

“I am very happy that we found Wendy! Both my husband and I had never had dogs before we got our yellow lab. She was 10 weeks old and Wendy came right over and began our training with little things we could do right away. She was very informative and able to answer all of our questions. Everyone who comes over to our house loves the puppy and I would 100% recommend her service.”

Megan Von Berg

out of control standard poodles. Ava was 4 1/2 and ZsaZsa was 7 months old. My husband was skeptical of going through “another” trainer. The girls were impossible to walk. They pulled us down the street and went crazy when anyone walked by with another dog. They went nuts when friends and family came to the door and we were always afraid they would run down the street if the door was left open. Within 2 visits with Wendy, the girls were manageable on a leash and sat and stayed when we opened the door to family and friends. After a couple of more visits, they heel all of the time when we walk them and with the right training tools & commands, they do not go crazy with other dogs and people. When friends come through the front door they sit politely until we release them. We love the positive training techniques we learned from Wendy and enjoy the girls so much more. To hear my husband give the commands and understand that he is the pack leader has been great and the frustration we had with them is gone. We cannot say enough great things about Wendy and the wonderful training she gave us. We can even take them to the dog park and they come at our command. We are big believers in the methods and recommend Wendy to anyone who would like to have well behaved dogs”.– Tricia Elias, Chino, CA

“OH MY GOODNESS! My life is wonderful. I have behaved dogs. Who knew this was possible? After just a few minutes with my dogs, Wendy was able to see my errors as the owner and helped empower me. I AM THE PACK LEADER! The problem was never my dogs. It was me. My dogs were outside most of the time because they misbehaved and I couldn’t trust them around anyone but close family. They were disrespectful of humans and other animals. One of my dogs actually bit a neighbor and I thought I might have to put her down. I am so glad I found Wendy. Spice is now a happy and calm dog. Did I mention they have only had one session so far. The results are immediate. My dogs deserve this life and I am happy to give it to them. Proud to be the pack leader of inside doggies again. I can’t imagine how superb they’ll be when training is complete. If you have an aggressive dog or dogs you can’t trust, you need Wendy. It’s worth the investment. She will turn your life around. Literally. Thanks so much Wendy for helping us see our errors and making our pets family again.”

– Montielle Bennett, Corona, CA

“Wendy was a tremendous help re-training our dogs after an abusive Board to Train experience.”

Susan & John Pantages
Diamond Bar

Gowin Family with Ray Ray.jpg“My family and I adopted the Norco Dog of the month for April 2012. Ray, a handsome American Staff Terrier (also known as a Pit Bull to you political correct folks). At first was quite a handful when we brought him home and after a about 2 days I was convinced that the best place for the sake of my family and to keep my house in 1 piece was to keep Ray outside. However after 1 session with Wendy and a bit of coaching Ray started on the path to being an inside dog and becoming a part of our family pack. Today Ray is still sleeping inside the house and no longer needs to sleep in his crate at night. In fact he sleeps on the floor in my son’s room in a dog bed. Thanks Wendy for all of your help.”

Jim Gowin

Wendy did an amazing job in 3 hours! As much as we love our dogs, they were literally out of control and unmanageable. By the end of the first session, we saw a transformation! The incessant barking had stopped. They were listening to us and obeying. Wendy taught us practical and gentle ways to stop the bad behaviors both dogs were exhibiting. She helped us deal with one dog’s aggression towards other dogs. She also helped us deal with the other dog’s unfriendliness towards visitors. I would recommend Wendy as a trainer and her programs to anyone wanting some help with their dog. I have had other dogs in the past and have tried several other types of training – had I known about Wendy then, I would have done this type of training instead. I love the fact that the trainer works with your dogs in their home since this is where the majority of behaviors are occurring. I cannot say enough good things about Wendy – she has empowered us, educated us, and made our home a much happier place for all – including Charlie & Bailey!

Elena L.
Riverside, California


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