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lynda withell
lynda withell
09:09 08 May 19
So grateful for Wendy's help with my two older dogs. Now they and us are much happier!! Wished I had found her years ago. Highly recommend.
Kenneth Williams
Kenneth Williams
04:13 01 May 19
Wendy is an amazing trainer understanding how to teach dog owners how dog's think. This is key to personalizing training objectives with goals and timelines. She truly cares about her clients otaining good citizen certification, even if she has to spend additional time. I highly recommend her, if you truly want the best for your loving dog!read more
Stephanie Vargas
Stephanie Vargas
21:14 28 Apr 19
I cannot thank Wendy enough for helping us with my newly adopted adopted dog Penny. When I adopted her, she was aggressive towards my other dog Cosmo. The two of them got into a fight and we had to take Cosmo to the vet. My choices were to either keep Penny and sacrifice Cosmo and my 2 cats well being or return her to the shelter, neither of which were options I wanted. I found Wendy through a web search and she came to our house. She taught us about how dogs function in a pack and how to take back control. Since the first session, Penny had NEVER again been aggressive towards our other pets. I can't express how much relief I felt to know that Penny would not have to be returned to the shelter and develop even more fear than she had before. I went ahead and added Cosmo to the training plan after that as well. I recommend Wendy to people all of the time because I know first hand that dogs CAN change even when it feels hopeless!!read more
Rhonda Di Padova
Rhonda Di Padova
01:09 22 Apr 19
We have a 5 year old beagle. She is stubborn! When we got her as a pup she went completely untrained. With Wendy's help our dog is now toilet trained, walkable and barks less. Overall, our beagle is now a much better and happier dog. We could not have done any of this without Wendy's help. We recommend Wendy without any more
Lauren Rios
Lauren Rios
17:28 26 Feb 19
It is an amazing feeling to get your life back and be in charge of your dogs; not the other way around. We called Wendy as a last resort, thinking our only alternative was to get rid of one of our dogs. Our story: We have 3 rescue dogs, a male and 2 females, that were adopted at different times. They get along for the most part, but on occasion the 2 girls get into really bad fights, ending with us in urgent care and vet bills in the $500 range each time. Once we had our first child, we knew we couldn't have them fighting any longer, but once it happened, we knew we had a tough choice to make. We couldn't fathom getting rid of one until we did everything we possibly could to try to help the situation, so we decided to invest in professional help. Training: The first thing we noticed about Wendy when entering the house was how she commanded control. She spent time teaching us dog psychology, diet and training techniques for our different needs. We diligently worked with our dogs and saw improvement very quickly. My wife and I became the "leaders of the pack" and our two girls realized they did not have the option to fight over dominance because we were in charge. Additionally, we heeded Wendy's advice about changing the dogs' diet to a healthier option, as well as getting one of our dogs joint vitamins because her arthritis was so bad she could barely put weight on her back legs which made walking virtually impossible. Within a few weeks we noticed a big difference in our dogs' bodies. Fat pockets were disappearing, they were looking leaner, and just acting happier. Our dog with arthritis has pep in her step again, walking around our neighborhood no problem! We're amazed at the improvement in their quality of life (and ours!). It is a wonderful feeling being able to take the three dogs on a walk together with our infant in her stroller and enjoy the moment. We even get compliments from our neighbors at how well-behaved and trained our dogs are! Our favorite part of Wendy's technique is the patience and time she spends with you. She never rushed us to be done with the visit and really wanted to make sure we had exhausted all questions and felt completely satisfied with her training. She even scheduled us a bonus training visit to follow up with our progress with the 3 dogs. Thank you, Wendy! We love having our house back and our 4 legged babies getting along so well!read more
Mary Cabral
Mary Cabral
00:57 13 Feb 19
Wendy was instrumental in helping us with our older set in her ways dog a few years ago. Her advice was sound and effective. When we decided to adopt a puppy last month, our very first thought was “We have to call Wendy and have her be with us from the start. “. Best idea ever. She made the introduction of the two dogs smooth and calm. She worked with me every bit as much as she did with our pups reassuring and coaching me every step of the way. She has responded quickly to question and addresses training issues thoroughly and with great patience.You cannot find a better more
Marilyn Welch
Marilyn Welch
01:24 04 Jan 19
Our recently adopted 6-year-old dog's behavior was vastly improved after a 3-hour training session with Wendy Blanch of Leader of the Pack. Now we know the basics of being pack leaders when walking him and modifying his behavior at the front door with visitors. We signed up for the Foundation Training package, a total of 4 hours of private at-home training—3 hours for first visit & 1 hour followup—and it was well worth the investment. Wendy is very direct in her instruction, and her method got us great results right away. We are quite happy with our experience with Wendy!read more
Rachael Wright
Rachael Wright
22:18 19 Dec 18
Wow! I'm not even sure where to start other than by saying how happy I am. I hired Wendy to train our new large lab that we got from the shelter but she had all 3 of our dogs (two smaller dogs) under control in minutes. I never thought this to be possible. I never really thought that dog training is more "people" training than anything. Its teaching me how to handle and teach my dogs and they just follow the leader. I'd highly recommend. You need to be open to being critiqued on what YOU are doing wrong in order to correct your dogs behavior issues. Be open minded and willing to work at it with your dogs. There is no miracle pill that makes your dog just be perfect it takes effort on your part but Wendy gives you all the information, direction and help to do so. By the end of our first session my large dog was no longer pulling my arm off on the leash and all 3 dogs were no longer going bananas every time someone came to the door. These were my 2 biggest issues. Both corrected. Truly happy and worth the more
Patrick Sharp
Patrick Sharp
02:41 12 Nov 18
The best thing we did for our new puppy was pick Wendy from Leader of the Pack Home Dog Training. As soon as Wendy walked through our door you could tell she had the full respect and attention of our dog. She not only teaches the basic commands, but the psychology and behavior behind having a dog that is well adjusted and respects you as the leader of the pack. She does all this without the use of treats, shock collars, or other gimmicks. We now have a well behaved dog that is fun to have around and who we feel comfortable taking wherever we go. We highly recommend Wendy Blanch of Leader of the Pack Home Dog Trainingread more
R Chavez
R Chavez
22:11 27 Sep 18
Wendy is a great trainer and patient. She was accommodating with her schedule and locations for follow up training. I was nervous to take my big pitbull into a pet store with other animals. Wendy helped out, was patient and had us walking around calmly and obediently. Give her an opportunity and she'll definitely help you and your more
Sarah Galloway
Sarah Galloway
21:26 15 Sep 18
I loved the training I was taught. It was easy and it taught me how to take care of my dog without having hurt her with a zapper or anything that made her skin jump. It was simple and straight forward and helped a lot! My corgi was a just a pain in the butt until we started training with Leader of the Pack and now she actually listens to me and is much more easy going. Thank you leader of the pack!read more
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Any Dog, Any Age, Any Issue

Leader of the Pack provides private local dog training at your home.

Establish Yourself as the Pack Leader

Who’s the best dog trainer for your dog? You are! 

Would you like to create an amazing relationship with your dog, who wants to obey you, all without the use of choke, pinch or shock collars or lots of treats?

While some methods of dog training rely on taking your dog to a board and train environment, away from you and your home, train them by inducing pain or discomfort and confined in a kennel.  This acclaimed training program methods empowers you with the insight you need to become your dog’s pack leader and trainer.

At your home dog training, in your environment and empowering you to train your dog without force is what we do! Once the role of pack leader is fulfilled by you, most other issues and concerns will fall naturally and easily into place. All the dog training tips in the world won’t matter if your dog doesn’t view you as his pack leader. Dogs have an innate need for the social structure and security of a pack, so in order to maintain a peaceful existence, dog owners must learn to confidently lead the pack. Leadership has nothing to do with being “dominant or alpha” it’s about being a great mentor. The bottom line is this: Dog behavior issues almost always stem from lack of consistent leadership and training. Pack leadership isn’t difficult to achieve, it simply requires a basic understanding of the pack leader mindset and consistent use of a few, straight forward techniques.

We can accomplish all of the training without the use of pinch, choke or  shock “vibration” collars. Your dog should behave and obey you because they WANT TO!

Programs include: Leadership, Obedience Training, Behavior Modification, Socialization & AKC Canine Good Citizen.

Training for the real world. The training is comprehensive, we focus on behavioral issues, obedience training and socialization with other dog’s and people. We start off the training in your home, where your dog learns the best and where they need to behave. Our acclaimed training methods are natural, dog-friendly, effective and kind. We do not use pinch, choke or shock collars.

  • The first lesson is about 3 hours long, designed to give you as much information and training as possible, so that you have the tools to get results right away. I will help you assess your current household dynamics, daily routine and nutrition that may influence your dog’s behaviors. After making any necessary adjustments, we’ll then teach you methods of canine communication that will help you lead your dog with confidence and ease. Again on the first lesson, depending on the age of your dog, we will teach the obedience commands; sit, stay, come, down and heel (walking next to you without pulling), we will then work on home manners and the specific behavioral issues you want to address right away. Aggression, Sibling Rivalry and Separation Anxiety require follow-up lessons.
    • Aggression
    • Lunging at dogs and people
    • Sibling rivalry
    • Separation anxiety
    • Jumping on people
    • Running to the door barking (door rushing)
    • Home Manners, etc!
  • Understanding Canine Communication & Pack Structure Behavioral Presentation: Does your dog misbehave, ignore or disrespects you? Does your dog think he’s in charge? We teach owners effective leadership techniques. Leadership=Mentorship. Pack structure is very important to dogs, if we’re not in-charge, they will be. Dog’s feel safe and secure with operative leadership. Understanding pack structure, leadership and canine communication will dramatically change the dynamics in a human/dog “pack”.  All training programs include this amazing education, which resolve dog behavioral problems.
  • The follow-up lessons are one hour long and scheduled at the end of each lesson.  After the home issues are resolved, we start working on socialization, going on outings to public areas around other dog’s and people to teach your dog to be comfortable in any setting.
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen Title. At the end of the training, if you wish, we’ll test for the American Kennel Club, Canine Good Citizen test!

– Home Consultation

At your home consultation. Meet the trainer to provide you with a behavioral assessment, discuss your goals and objectives. One-hour consultation at your home. $150.00.

– Foundation Training Program

We can accomplish a lot right away! Includes 4 hours of private dog training. We will teach you how to provide leadership, obedience & manners to your dog. This program is designed to help you with your dog that has behavioral issues such as, door rushing, barking, jumping, playful lunging, potty training. They will also learn the obedience commands heel, stop/sit, come, down and stay. For aggression, sibling rivalry and separation anxiety, refer to the Gold Program.

  • Initial 3 hour training session at your home.
  • Classroom: Understanding Canine Communication and Pack Structure Behavioral Presentation.
  • Obedience Commands: Sit, stay, come, heel & down, as well as house manners.
  • Behavior modification. Door rushing, barking, jumping on people and furniture, lunging on leash, etc.
  • Humane training collar included.
  • Follow-ups: One – 1-hour training session at your home.
  • Four hours of private training at your home.
  • $595.00

– Gold Training Program

(Dogs over 5 Months of Age)

Leadership for Owners. Basic & Advanced Obedience Training, Dog Behavior Modification, Socialization Training & AKC Canine Good Citizen (Therapy Dog).

This program is great for all dogs, but especially dogs that have behavioral issues (aggression, sibling rivalry, separation anxiety) and lack socialization.  Also great for owners that want to truly advance their dog’s obedience, socialization and achieve the Canine Good Citizen.

This program includes intense Behavioral and Obedience Training, Socialization and the American Kennel Club (CGC “Canine Good Citizen” Training and Testing. This program is for those that want to have a well-trained, socialized and obedient dog, that they can feel confident taking anywhere!

  • Training manual designed to keep you on track.
  • Initial one 3 hour training session at your home.
  • Classroom: Understanding Canine Communication and Pack Structure Behavioral Presentation.
  • Obedience Commands: Sit, stay, come, heel & down, as well as house manners.
  • Behavior modification. Door rushing, barking, jumping on people and furniture, lunging on leash. These behavior’s take longer to correct; aggression, sibling rivalry and separation anxiety.
  • Humane training collar included.
  • Unlimited phone, text and email support.
  • Follow-ups: Five – 1-hour private training sessions
  • Eight hours of private training at your home and in social settings to help your dog be reliable no matter where you go.
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen Training & Testing.
  • One year training, email and phone support.
  • $1,095.00

– Puppy Gold Training Program

(Dogs under 5 Months of Age)

Brody – 8 Weeks Old

Brody Achieves the AKC Canine Good Citizen!

Puppy Training. Leadership for Owners. Basic & Advanced Obedience Training, Dog Behavior, Socialization Training & AKC Canine Good Citizen (Therapy Dog).

No need to wait until your puppy has all his shots – I come to your home! Start off on the right Paw with your Puppy! The ultimate puppy package!

This program also provides puppy raising, crate training, toileting, nipping & biting and basic obedience, along with the Gold Program support.

Because it takes time to train a puppy, we provide support from the time you bring home your puppy. We start with teaching your puppy toileting, crate training and to set your expectations, they can learn sit, come and to walk on a loose leash right away. Once your puppy begins to mature, we can focus on the more advanced training. It’s important to have realistic expectations with puppies. “You can’t train a puppy out of a puppy”. You will raise a very happy, well-behaved, socialized and obedient dog! American Kennel Club, Canine Good Citizen training and testing is provided and a good goal to achieve! 9 hours of private training.

  • Training manual designed to keep you on track.
  • Puppy training support materials
  • Initial 2-3 hour training session at your home.
  • Classroom: Understanding Canine Communication and Pack Structure Behavioral Presentation.
  • Obedience Commands: Sit, stay, come, heel & down, as well as house manners.
  • Behavior modification. Door rushing, barking, jumping on people and furniture, lunging on leash (these issues will be resolved before they start, with puppies)
  • Humane training collar included.
  • Unlimited phone, text and email support.
  • Follow-ups: Seven – 1-hour private training sessions
  • Ten hours of private training at your home and in social settings to help your dog be reliable no matter where you go!
  • AK Canine Good Citizen Training & Testing.
  • One year training, email and phone support.
  • $1,295.00



Included in both Gold Programs. If you can pass this test, you’ll have a very well socialized, obedient dog that you will feel confident taking anywhere! Wendy Blanch is an AKC Certified CGC Evaluator – #71054. The CGC Program is designed to reward dogs who have good manners at home and in the community. The Canine Good Citizen Program stresses responsible pet ownership for owners and basic good manners for dogs. All dogs who pass the 10-step CGC test will receive a certificate from the American Kennel Club.

Contact me for additional information on the program that’s right for you and your dog.

Wendy Blanch
Master Dog Behavioral Therapist and Trainer

951-339-1040 office
805-469-4858 cell